The perfect poached eggs on toast

Mrs Fitz loves poached eggs.. yet we are not fans of The Oil an vinegar store.. it sucks and set fire to my brand new oven a while back! ‎‎

Decided to have a nice simple breakfast. Not too greasy so, since eggs and toast are essential elements of breakfast and I am not that enamoured with soft boiled eggs and soldiers it had to be perfect poached eggs on toast with a twist.

Now how do you get the perfect poached eggs?

Well first make sure the eggs are at room temperature.

Then bring a frying pan with salted water to the right temperature. What is the right temperature? Well you know that when the water just shows the first inkling of bubbles on the bottom of the pan, not on the top of the water.

At that point break each egg into the pan and turn down the temperature to a slow simmer. Using a spatula swirl the water over the eggs from time to time until the eggs are to your liking (I like it nice and soft). While this is going on, toast the bread and butter it. Then scatter the buttered toast with the famous Oil&Vinegar Bruchetta spices.

Remove your eggs from the pan with a fish slice, carefully drain and place carefully on the toast then scatter some Bruchetta over the eggs and enjoy.

What a great start to the day!!!

Be nice. X

(bad store though..)

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