Squidless rings!



Well Mr Fitz l went to Waitrose this morning for our weekly shop and to pick up my free Daily Mail. (really Jack! Other much better papers are available!b)
I saw on one of the shelves the ‘Squid-less rings’ that you featured on one of your past blogs and decided to try them.

So reading the instructions I noticed that they are already cooked and can be eaten cold.

So tasted a couple straight out the bag and Christine had one as well. Well was I surprised or what. They tasted great with the right texture.

So had to try the heated version. Cut a corner off the bag and stand on a microwavable plate and cook on full for 1 minute and enjoy. And enjoy we did! What a delight and surprise.

Will definitely buy some more, and I mean some or maybe that should have been ‘a lot’.

The big mistake I made this morning was only buying 1 instead of 2 for a fiver. I won’t make that mistake again!!!

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