Kinsale Last supper.. boo!

‎After a busy day.. we are taking supper in the hotel.. it’s supposed to be of a good standard, and to be fair it’s more than adequate..

We skipped starters and jumped feet first into the mains..

I went for a Belly pork with horseradish mash with veg.. couldn’t taste the horseradish unfortunately. The pork was ok.. veg.. nah.. just veg.. regular boiled veg.. still nice enough..

Mrs Fitz went for the ‘Hot rock’.. a stone heated to a wild amount of degrees, and you cook your own steak on it..a good bit of sirloin this and Mrs Fitz loved it!

(the only ‘hot rocks’ I recall were ones in various clothes and furniture, cars during my Teen years.. ahem x)

An assortment of dressings for the steak and a large parmesan salad.. she was happy.. cool! X

I got to play with the stone also.. haven’t cooked for a while now so getting withdrawal symptoms I reckons!

Cooked up some of my pork on the stone.. just to give it an extra ‘edge.. ‎well I got to play anyways..

It’s a nice table piece.. although it seems pretty dangerous also.. would make for a great scene in a movie.. picture this..

“The business deal goes a little wrong over dinner.. they are eating steaks offa the rocks.. ” I leave the rest to your imaginations.. (think searing heat and flesh).. Tarantino.. you can have that one for free x

It was good and we also skipped desert.. no wine either just water! Wow! My Attorney, Father Fitz and many more would be proud and worried for me all at the same time!! ‎I am ok people.. OKAY x is cool..

We have a busy day tomorrow..

(and a great pic of Phill Lynott at the Bullman)

Nite nite

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  1. These hot rocks are terrific. Do you remember when there was a restaurant on Willen Lake side where the Gym is now. Well they used to use them. They were great. Also it was a bring your own alcohol restaurant, not just wine but spirits and liqueurs as well.  It was a great night out. It is a pity it has gone. We have or had an electric hot rock which we used at the table, inspired by this restaurant. I’ll have to look it out.  Safe journey back.  X

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