Corned beef Hash & Crab linguine

‎A delightful supper this evening.. truly delightful..

Crab Linguine for Mrs Fitz.. Corned beef Hash for me.. (Mr Fitz ahem x)..

Went to the store.. still a little jat legged.. ya getme?

Mixed white and brown crab.. mixed with Italian herbs from the freezer, fantastic them.. some dijonaiise.. and a red chilli… of course a bunch of bristol blend pepper.. a splash of nam pla.. and a good shakey shack schack of Mrs Middleton’s oil.. (the pimped up one) x plus chopped watercress and rocket..

Cooked pasta.. all tossed together.. a dish Mrs Fitz is making all the right noises about.. cool beanz x

For Mr Fitz?

Reduced corned beef.. round not a rectangle.. weird.. chopped up.. an organic red onion.. the last of the watercress an rocket salad.. and sun dried tom’s.. boiled spuds.. all fried up with worcestershire sauce and tamari.. bristol blend pepper, turmeric and paprika..

Served of course with Stokes ketchup..

A mighty fine dish..mighty fine.. wanted to keep eating it yet saved some for brekkie..

OOOOhhh yeeeAaaahhh (in the deepest voice x)

And two mini icecream.. to eatch the lightning storm with ‎x


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