Chorizo style sausage and Cora Murley

‎Back home now.. rested? Kinda!!! X

Keeping the multiple flights ‘jet lag’ away as much as possible.. gods bless Melatonin huh! X

Off we went this morning and picked up the new addition to the Fitz household.. Mr Wentworths. Sister.. (from another litter).. Cora Murley.. X weeks old!! She’s great and Mr wentworth seems to be ok with her.. albeit a little confused.. they will be cool though… he came with us and saw his folks and brother.. and of course his new sis x

And on to food.. what better to celebrate new arrivals than making chorizo style sausages.. (probably better things yet this seemed cool)

2.5 kilos of pork.. chopped minced and seasoned.. stuffed into hog casings.. tied and twisted..

In the fridge waiting to bloom. be ready tomorrow.. should be cool.. smell good anyways! And with a remainder of the mix made some meatballs.. they will be delicious with a plain buttered noodle x

Went to the store also and saw this pack of beefs with marrow bone.. pleased they are packing it like that.. looking forward to trying that x

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  1. Welcome home. Just cooked the stew with the shin and marrow bone from Waitrose this afternoon. I followed Heston’s recipe with dough balls. The stew is ready and photographed. I will make the dough balls tomorrow and serve with stew. I will email the results tomorrow. X

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