Canadian thanksgiving supper

‎Am in Vegas.. and have been invited by my pals from Toronto to join them for Canadian thanksgiving supper.. never tried it so thought why not!!

Canadian Thanksgiving seems to be all about the harvest.. so that kinda nice x

Pumpkin soup for starters.. nice yet would be better if you looked outside and saw the real ‘fall’.. rather than the Vegas strip!! Nice though


Why Turkey of course!! With all the trimmings.. I suppose it’s like a bigger Sunday lunch.. or a Christmas lunch.. actually I suppose not as it IS a thanksgiving dinner.. so how was it?

Well.. the stuffing was bread and sausage.. the turkey heavily brined prior to roasting, Brussels and bacon cool.. gravy delicious.. sweet potato mash‎.. sweet.. gratin.. uncooked spuds underneath and creamed corn and cranberry sauce..

Pudding of a hot spiced pudding.. cool.. and of course pumpkin pie..

Thanks Canada!

I give thanks for hosting me at ya supper x

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