Morels and Mounties

‎Think the Mounties may be on to me!

Perhaps the post about the thanksgiving was not good? X

Breakfast at Morels though was nice.. of course donuts with home made jam.. covered in powdered sugar.. is naturally the best way to start your day!!

With a pot of green tea..

And an omelette of ham sausage and bacon.. with a weird hash brown.. that didn’t really taste of anything..

Would be good to try out the Morels evening menu.. it is a nice place.. x

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  1. Canada and Miami one trip. the food looks brilliant man such big countries have such a variety of ingredients and influences ,makes for amazing eating. We had our gourmet festival this weekend gone in kinsale , and we won best dish outta all the restaurants in town. Stargazy pie it’s a old Cornish dish we modified to suit the rules of the competition, all ingredients had to be from a fifty mile radius of kinsale . Big honour to win it it’s brilliant. Keep us updated on your exploits man enjoyable reading . slan cara


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