Breakfast at the Delano.. Miami

Having had no supper..

Suffering from itchy eyes.. and a dry throat.. (maybe a few too many cigars..), heck they were making them in front of me‎..

Breakfast.. a good spread.. great floridian OJ.. eggs with tabasco.. jalapeños! A lovely ‘hash browny thingy’..brown toast and green tea..

All served by a really nice server.. she cared.. it makes such a difference right? X

The weather is hot.. it’s gonna get hotter..

Am catching a plane though.. off to Las Vegas.. Tonites supper? A FULL-ON Thanksgiving supper with all the trimmings from my pals from toronto.. never had thanks giving supper before.. looking forward to it

Plane is grounded right now.. a deflated tyre on the nose.. oops…

Turns out they gotta replace both front tyres.. a one an a half hour delay.. and then a Five hour flight.. great.. could almost flown back to the UK‎ in that time.. the states is rapidly becoming a bit of a pisser to be honest!!

Still the DELANO kindly made a lunch box for me.. fresh fruit.. wraps.. a salad.. chips and some snacks.. thanks.. very cool indeedo x‎ UH OH!!

It’s a cheese ceaser salad.. and cheese wraps.. arrrrggghhhhhhh

Have landed in Las Vegas x

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