Double baked potatoes

‎Baked potatoes… mmmmm

Let me say it again..


When the weather draws in and you are feeling like you need a big foodie snuggle.. nothing better than proper baked potatoes.. not the Ping variety.. the in the oven fill the kitchen up with warmth an beautiful smells variety..

And I like mine double baked.. the initial baking on a skewer with oil and salt rubbed on the skin..

Then cut in half.. scooped out and mixed with good oil, butter, garden chives an salt an peps..ooh and some sundried tomatoes..x

Filled back into the skins..

Topped with sharp red cheese for Mrs Fitz.. and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.. au natural for moi..

Back in the oven.. oh my frickin didddly doo-dah.. they are great.. like mind bending great.. x

To go with? A steak for Mrs Fitz.. and mini chorizo meatballs with Italian baked beans for me.. and a salad of watercress and rocket dressed in Italian dressing with crunchy fried onions..

Does it get better? X

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  1. Wow. Love the sound and look of the potatoes. I’ll need to try the recipe. Jack

    Jack M Taylor, Mob: 07860347052 Email: (Always reply to this email address)


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