Have you hear of this place? KC & sons.ie..??

Google it (other search engines are available yet I don’t think as good..x).. it’s worth it.. they even have a Q cam so you can check the line.. and it can be a serious line indeed!!!

It’s a modern day chipper.. I have never experienced anything like it. The brand marketing is spot on.. amusing witty and fun.

The food? A great seemingly eclectic mix of items.. great pittas with obligatory fries inside.. just enough. Like a good tunisian kebab. Quality burgers, ciabatter ‎( ok the Italian bread, yet playing on the chipper theme.. me not them x)

And a myriad of other products.. all served in cool wrappers, like almost collectible wrappers. I would collect them and frame ’em. You just got to get them minus the food juice that’s on them!

It’s an icon, a beacon even for good, fair priced food.. it’s got to be the best value for money I have spent on food since arriving on this emerald isle.. seriously x

What we had? The Mexican for Mr Fitz.. The creole for Mrs Fitz, the Sweet chilli beef for the small one (sister outlaw).. a side of the bombay chicken pattie (very good), a beef and potato pattie (not so good), a handful of crispy garlic mushrooms (fair to middlin) and the always need to purchase when in a place that deep fries.. the battered sausage (pleasingly low standard befitting a food stuff you shouldn’t really eat!)

We enjoyed it.. the last supper in Mrs Fitz’s house in Eire.. emotional? Yes for sure.. pleasing? Yes also.. we are sitting by the fire on our sun lounger make shift beds.. the house is empty.. we fly back tomorrow.. sad moment yet many beautiful and happy memories x


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