Kinsale part one

Have arrived in Kinsale.. the weather is still superb.. is this really Ireland?

Kinsale is one of those superb picturesque postcard places.. and in the sunshine even better!

Have managed to meet up with the fantastic up-coming chef.. Johnny Hartnett.. looking forward to him cooking us a Sunday lunch tomorrow.. in fact could even just go to bed now and get up tomorrow ready for it!

I remember the Lamb Johnny Hartnett ‎used to ‘marinate’ it was sublime.. x

So a quick pint and a wander to get some fish and chips.. this is one of the best foodie places in ireland.. with well established and famous places like Fishy Fishy, Jim Edwards.. and of course the Blue Haven group.. naturally!

This place is so oriented to food they even have defiblarators on the street!! Wowsers! Good times ahead huh? X

Kitty O’ sheas for fish and chips I am advised by the legend that is Johnny Hartnett..

So off we go!


Oh and passed a place called Riverstick on the way here.. immediately thought of that great Ian Drury song… “hit me with your riverstick” that’s right huh? x

And of course the legendary passage west ferry that crosses over to Cobh.. where the titanic went from hey.. ? X

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