Veally nice topside stew and roast supper

a couple of stories here.. One outing of a great piece of topside of that rose veal.. 

First the stew.. As we all know stew gets better with age.  So this was made with that in mind.. 

A simple stew of chopped and browned chunks of the veal topside, with parsnips, carrots, swede and celery .. Topped with water and herbs.. 


Cooked in the smaller Le cresuet on the stove top with the diffuser underneath.  For about three hours till everything is spoon tender..

And cooled and stored in a clip box.. 

 Looks a bit ‘sludgy’ .. The taste is off the chain though! 

A quick bowl for a late breakfast with a slice of white with salted butter.  

And the roast? Well Mrs Fitz took charge.. Wicked roasties.. 


And buttered peas and jolly green giant corn.. A drop of horseradish and some leftover gravy., 



And still some leftovers for tonites supper.. And that stew will just get better ..  

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  1. Veally nice. Stop it 😂😂😂😂

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