Real deal veal, pan yorky, chimichurri and garlic and rosemary crunchy roasties

what is it about eating young animals in New Year’s Day? Some sort of weird sacrifice number? Must be.. 

Normally lamb is eaten New Year’s Day round these parts.. 

We have gone for veal .. An often misunderstood meat.. Sure there is still the nasty treatment of some veal.. Yet there is also a fantastic by product of the dairy industry.. Milk cows when born boys don’t make for milk.. Sounds easy, ting is they also don’t really make great meat.. Unless eaten young.. That’s where rose veal comes into play.. Ok they are still young, yet at least they get to kick their heels about in the fields for a short while… And also help us out in the glorious food chain.. Plus tasting really frickin great.. Think super soft and tasty beef.. Then times that by a bunch..

Well I have managed to score a a fair amount of excellent quality English rose veal.. I have tenderloins.. Chopped, frozen and ready for schitznels .. A lump of topside that will make a stew as well as a slow roast.. And this outing of a piece of boned and rolled rib.. 

It’s about 675 grams.. So doesn’t need a long time cooking.. So it gets seasoned and popped into a little iron pan seared with some shallots and then fresh thyme and beef stock .. Into the oven to finish off

Here it is: 😊

While that was going down Mrs Futz kindly picked through a load of fresh oregano, parsley, and coriander.. That hot blitzed with a little chilli, maldon salt, smoked paprika, a pinch of sugar, fantastic olive oil and red wine vinegar.. Ooh yummy yummy yum yums.. 


The pan Yorkshire pudding is a doddle .. Batter made up.. Hot small pan with beef dripping .. Batter in.. Then the pan into a screaming hot oven..  Darn cool!

With a parsnip, swede and carrot crush , made simply by boiling then crushing with butter and white pepper..  And a pan juice gravy ..
And those wonderful roasties.. Red king Edwards boiled and cooled.. Then anointed with Mrs Middletons straight up oil.. Garden Rosemary and smuggled French garlic..


No final ‘money shot’ as it just got ate! 

Very nice indeedy!

Looking forward to the next veally good dish!


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5 replies

  1. Very misunderstood and very tatsy! Happy New Year, Mr. Fitz

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  2. All looking very tasty Mr Fitz. I like your new photo technology – very nice indeed 👍

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