Fickle fish anchovy butter

I buy stuff that I don’t really need .. C’mon we are all guilty of it right? 

This was one of those things.. Assist will know fish ain’t my thing.. Yet these looked good.. Very good!

Yet they were going outta date.. Why put such a silly short date on this kinda thing huh? @waitrose ..😒

So what to do? Am not feeling brave enough to just put them straight into the toast.. 

And there are too many in the pack.. 

The hounds and me shared a few.. 

The rest smushed into unsalted butter for fear of the fish being too salty .. 


Adding chilli pepper, lemon juice , fresh scraped mace and nutmeg. Some Bristol blend pepper, dried marjarom , Patagonian purple garlic and coriander.. 


It’s delicious!!! 

Onto some crisped toast 


A couple of slices..  Ahem… 
Shared with Mr Wentworth and Cora Murley.. 

The rest to be frozen.. We have delicious lamb shanks tonite so perhaps another outing.. 

See.. Some of those purchase you don’t think you need turn out pretty darn tasty! 


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  1. That’s a great idea. I always have anchovies in the fridge, just in case, but seldom use it. This sounds better than peanut butter!

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