Mrs Fitz beef rendang

Mrs Fitz seems to have taken over our Sunday suppers.. And this is more than fine for me! She really is rather good at turning out these amazing slo-cook numbers.. 

This weeks special.. ( there is actually two..)..👏


The mighty dish.. Malaysian? Think so.. 

Made with brilliant red ticket beef ribs.. 

Fried off..


Then into all those spices and coconut milk and coconut cream.. 


Three ribs being used here..  
It already smells amazing.. Now Mrs Fitz started this on Saturday for Sunday supper.. So the first cooking it gets is for eight hours.. Then it’s turned off for the night.. And turned back on the following day for a further six hours..


Lifted out of the sauce and reduced ..  

Then popped all back into the now delicious and thickened sauce.. 

Now despite that facts that it’s actually getting uncomfortable being in this delicious scented kitchen! (uncomfortable as in you just want to snaffle this all up!).. 

So let’s make the sides quick huh? 

Broccoli in brown rice.. With sesame oil and light Kikkoman soy.. 


(Uncle Bens wok helped out here..)..  
Poppadums for crunch as they look cool in a big stack.. 


Mango chutney, Greek yoghurt , and a chopped red onion tomatoe and coriander ‘salad’..


I tell you.. If Mrs Fitz keeps turning out this kinda food I am a very happy chappy indeed! 



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  1. Love rendang so much! Prob my favourite curry


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