Chorizo Navarran style?

Ok.. so perhaps am currently a wee bit sausage making mad.. yet after a trip to the store we don’t like anymore because it moved.. I was looking at chorizo in the store.. I like chorizo.. if it’s the slicing one.. yet best of all those small sausage like cooking chorizo.. when grilled till a little charred.. and oily on the fingers.. kinda like merguez in a way yet different.. all good though!

After a very lengthy piece of research.. which mainly consisted of reading the back of every type available.. and there was actually quite a few to look at! I decided that due to the discounted price on some pork on the butchers counter + a discussion with Peter (the in-house butcher).. I decided to go for it..

Sheep casings.. good for the ‘snap’..

A mix of salts..various..

Smokey paprika for that traditional smokeyness, with the red dying effect.. some hot spanish paprika for bite and a small bit of heat.. onion an garlic powder.. oops.. feck! Was gonna put some sugar in.. ‎ahh.. never mind

And some cinnamon.. ‎ a good shaking of it.. it’s a mystery why it works.. umm and most of the others I ‘researched’ in store.. didn’t have this.. yet my ever decreasing memory reminds me that. I know this is an essential ingredient.. is it a past life coming back? Perhaps spledent atop a horse? Or with a small one shot rifle in the mountains?.. dunno.. yet I reckons it works.. x

So.. made em dashed back to the store we don’t like no more cos it moved! And handed some over to a very amazed and happy Peter the butcher.. are they supposed to take in ‘foreign’ products? Well feck it.. try searching him on the bag search on the way out! X

And in the meantime.. well Mrs Fitz had the docs.. I met her for a quick half hour lunch.. made a sloppy guiseppe pizza.. a tango and a 7up.. we sat in the Newport Pagnell church gardens.. sure is pretty there for a place where the dead reside.. I used to mow the steep bank there in the summer.. many moons ago.. and I loved it.. x

Mr Wentworth? Happy for me to come get him.. sans praire oysters.. Mrs Fitz? A moussaka Mr Wentworth.. heavy duty drug addled snoring.. and a supper of venison.. x like serious drug addled snoring.. kinda recognise it.. maybe another past life huh!! Hahahha x

Just cooking up some pork scratchings.. left over from them ham hock saussies.. let’s see what the verdict comes in on those..

Kitchen smelling wicked.. two spaced out patients.. Mr Fitz is now a paramedic in the Landrover.. x.. well till tomorrow..

Nite x

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