Stock brined spatchcock chuck and no hassle hasslebacks

A nice Sunday supper after a lovely walk in the woods


And an enjoyable chat with one of my pals father in the pub.. Such a nice chap..


These stock brined chickens are still on offer so that will do.. Funny really we used to complain about ‘them’ injecting meat with water .. Suppose this is different ??

Not going to roast it in its bag.. Am cutting out the backbone.. If you don’t have a pair of poultry scissors then garden snips will do.. Clean them first I suppose? And also snip what’s left of the feet and the wing tips..


Smother it with the last of the Chimchurri ..


That will go straight in the bars of the oven above the spuds..

The spuds are simply peeled and cut with a knife.. I have used a metal spoon which is not ideal to protect your knife! Wooden or on chopsticks really is better.. Anything really just to make sure you don’t cut all the way through them.


All into the oven..

Red ticket sweetcorn dusted with herbamare salt will make the veg.


Lovely supper indeed👏


The chicken juices as a baster for the spuds is sublime..

Ice cream anda cup of tea for pudding


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7 replies

  1. I loved the picture of the woods. Very nice place. We spatchcock chicken and turkey. It’s a great way to cook poultry. Your bird looks yummy!

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  2. Yum looks good. Do love hassel back spuds!

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  3. Love reading all those British sayings on the bags – I’ve never spatch hocked (sp) before, guess I’ll need to clean up those garden shears :)). I have a brilliant recipe for that, where you marinate the chicken for 2 days in the refrigerator, it turns out oh so yummy. Yours looks pretty tasty too. Love how you’ve done the potatoes, do you bake it all at once in the oven with the chicken?


  4. That is a damn fine looking supper indeed Mr Fitz 🙂

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