Chicken tikka.. Multiple!

Got some great organic free range super chicken from the store we don’t like anymore.. Great discount on it… Like a quarter of the price!!

Whip the skin off.. Cut into chunks.. Add tandoori spice, ginger and garlic paste and a carton of greek yogurt.. Mix up good style. Leave in fridge to do its magic.. And magic it sure performs..

Skewer the now lovely marinated chunks.. Put into oven at 220.. Keep an eye on them.. When just ‘caught’ .. They are complete..

Wrap in foil to keep warm and meld those flavors together. I had no lemon so squeezed some lime over them.. A little too much! Ah well..

To serve:

Wholemeal naan.. Salad, pickle.. And that wonderful beetroot and sour cream the LSD color of that is just wonderful..

The chickin tikka was lovely.. Plenty left! So bagged up ready for a quick supper.

(Took a great walk in the woods also.. Mr Wentworth did well although was a little dog tired by the end!) X

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