Buddies diner.. = Pants! X

After a morning spent trying to fix my crackberry.. The pictures have vanished! Something to do with the memory card they say.. I have a heap of memories on that card.. All the countries visited and ‘taste-full’ journeys and experiences.. Really upset by it.. So anyway..

Decided to go to Buddies, an American diner .. New to where we live, although have eaten in them before.. I think they have 4 now in Northamptonshire.

Was looking forward to this.. WAS (being the operative word)

We queued at the door for about twenty minutes. Understand that for a busy joint. Yet there were tables yet the cleaning of them just weren’t happening!

Got seated.. They were doing their turn-around for breakfast to lunch service, that’s cool.. Server asked our drinks request.. Asked for milkshakes, got told the machine was busted! .. Ordered a coke float and Mrs Fitz a diet soda.. Then the booth across from us were given their milkshakes.. Hmmmm, asked the server what the story was.. Now the machine is fixed.. Ahem x

To order: many choices many.. Mrs Fitz went for the ‘Rocky’ 8 ounce patty with pastrami, and cheese (undefined!) On Brioche.. Garlic mayo fries and slaw.. For me? A plain jane.. With chilli fries, house salad and oh yeah.. Not on a bun of any sort.. On a sugared donut!! A regular ring donut.. Cut in half with an 8 ounce patty inbetween… Wrong? Perhaps.. Actually yes it is wrong.. Not good..

Maybe that why it hasn’t taken off as a major feature globally!!

The fries were awful as well.. Nasty.. Frozen too big fries.. Nasty

Was it worth it.. No chance.. Would I go again.. No chance .. Worth the money.. NO CHANCE!! (You can get a good steak supper for less..)

NEVER AGAIN BUDDIES you aint no friend of mine..

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