Chicago Dogs..

Ok am in Chicago for a while.. Never been.. It seems kinda nice.. Different from other places I have been in the states.. It has a real nice mix of new and old (architecture).. And seems pretty well preserved.. Found out yesterday that its my Attorneys favorite city!

First food to have.. Had to try the famous Chicago Hot Dog.. Chicago style.. So where though? Not as easy to find as I thought.. No corner vendors where I am staying right now.. Hmmm..

Ok.. With the time difference and long flight kickin’in its time to step this up.. Turn on the ‘dog-nav’… And it worked! Well actually I just kept going round in a big block circle.. And here it was.. Max’s.. As you will see in the paper report they have on the wall in 2009 they got good reviews..

Let’s hope its still up to the job (or dog!)..

So Chicago standard.. Dog, tomatoes, sports peppers (these chicago only hot peppers).. Pickle, fresh onion, celery salt, american mustard.. Anything else? Perhaps.. Will have to think about it.. Hmm something green.. I forget..

Must try harder… X

Good? I thinks so.. Tiredness stepped in.. Will try again tonite.. Nice guys owning the joint.. Its tiny too! Italian Beef tonite.. The Polish tomorrow.. Expect dog updates.. X

Now try sleep before work!!

Nite x

(Oh and the fog here is amazing!!)

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  1. It is one of my 4 favourite cities too, fo different reasons. The other 3 are San Francisco, Las Vegas and Barcelona.



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