Left over beef … Lebanese stylee x

Ok.. What do youu do with a lump of left over beefs? .. Sandwiches? Stir fry? A weird kinda curry? .. NOPE!! X

Blitz it in the processor .. Addition of chiLi, onions, lebanese 7 spice.. Garlic.. NOW YA talking (sorry for the ‘caps’ yet trust me on this one.. ) X

Leave overnite for those flavors to meld.. Get them inta small balls .. Shallow fry em.. Feck they really are the biz-ness brother… (An sister of course!)

Make a salad of carrot.. Using the shreddy peeler.. Frizzy looking lettuce leaves, white onion, tomatoe, red cabbage for crunch.. Garlic and chive shoots from the garden, cucumber.. And a french dressing..

Warm up the breads on the iron tava. This time italin flats.. Originally made wid lard.. Now with olive oil.. I personally reckon te lard versions served spikey hot must be pretty frickin wild! Hmmm.. Mebbe that’s a new journey..x

Assemble the lot.. With the addition of beetroot sour cream.. Real good that.. Store bought yet wonderful… Serious

Enjoy!! We sure did .. Mrs Fitz was very happy indeedo.. I finished it off with a small waffle cone with the icecream.. That icecream is lovely Kellys.. Big TV advertising in the UK right now, did you know my mama’s father was an ice cream man? And a blinkin good cook.. That’s another post.. An icon of a man to be fair x I am lucky in that way.. Have very inspirational males in our family.. And the women? Feck.. Strong as you like mate!

Mmm.. Maybe a little more ice cream .. Or perhaps a navette biscuit from Marseille.. Given to me as a gift from the most amazing concierge at the Inti conti..

All in all.. THE best way of using up left over beefs.. (Currently) x

(PS: Spuds an garlic and onions growing well)

Nite ..

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