#tacosaturday pibli pork, turtle beans, chicken and sweet potato spiced rice…

That headline picture is a pal of mines money plant.. I have never seen one flower before! 

more freezer foraging! 

And it returns a few gems.. This tub of pulled pork with turtle beans gets an outing.. Defrosted and some @waitrosefood pibli paste stirred through…

Some cucumber lightly pickles in @waitrosefood rice wine ,a pinch of sugar and salt

A baby plum tomato and red onion salad with red wine vinegar..

(No pic) 😶

Shredded sweet romaine lettuce, sour cream.. And the rice fried up with spice and the leftover piri piri chicken and sweet potatoes from another supper..( the other supper as illustrated below.. Heheh).. 

All layed out on our ‘proper’ table in the good room.. Mrs Fitz spent ages decluttering it.. Why is it that tables get full of so much stuff? Hmm 


Chef Ping hotted up the hard taco shells..

And that really was a delightful supper! 

Simple yet effective.. 


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  1. Simple and effective is the best 👍

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