Mutton carrot curry and potato and peace curry

with freezer foraging in full swing this outing ended up with mutton.. There are a few unnamed items in there.. The first bag was just ribs.. Not really any meat on them at all. So another had to be found.  Into the freezing depths and I surfaced with a bag of mutton chops also.. Score! 

So after the defrost after living in the deep for so long.. They got boiled up with onion, carrot and coriander stalks.. And it took ages! 

Then picking through the meat left just a small amount .. And the carrots of course.. 


That was a lot of effort for not much return! Enough for us though.. The bones and scrappy bits carried in bubbling away to make the stock for the curry.  

Which was simply easy ghee (am loving that Dutch stuff!)., Pakistani masala , it’s a deep red and full of good spices! Salt of course and water… Boiled up hard.. Till you get this.. 

The potato dish is really simple.. Boiled red potatoes in their skins with a cut made into the skin right the way round them..  Cooled and peeled, that cut makes them much easier to peel as well as saving as much goodness as you can! A shallot chopped and fried with some squished cherry tomatoes 

Some Shan family veg curry spices added.. No need to worry about a teaspoon of this and a half of that.. Their blends are great! 

Potatoes and peas added.. Water and cooked down.. Not long at all.  Fresh coriander leaves to complete.

All tubbed up so they can do their thing ..


To go with? 

Flatbread is a must.. Flour and water mixed.. Dough left for a while.  Then rolled out.. 

 And cooked on the flat iron pan..


Done in batches.. And stored in the keep warm dish thingy.  

Also popadoms, and these red ticket  Indian style sides.. (They have also been living in the freezer!).  

All spread out..


Have to admit this was extremely tasty! 


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  1. What a fabulous spread Mr. Fitz!! I li using Shaan masalas too. Pakistani masalas have some nice punch to them. 🙂
    Th ask for sharing with FF 103!!

    Liked by 1 person

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