Long chorizo sarnie=#latenitesnacking

You gotta love a late night snack..

That snack that says… I love you too..

This is for sure one of them..

Not the pint pot of icecream that I must admit to enjoying in the quiet hours… (Every now and then..) (honest)…

Long strips of chorizo.. Fine as it is on bread.. Yet toast a small roll.. Dry fry the chorizo .. It has enough fat content and for those that are a little mindful of this kinda thing it’s the best way of releasing some of it..

If I had any iberico pork fat left I would have added some to the bread when it was hot.. And some good crystal salt..

Yet I don’t…

That’s cool ..

This snack is good enough on its own.. In fact it’s stunning!!

The long chorizo popped hot into the bread..

The residual oil leaching just a little into the bread ..

An egg atop may have been a star.. It didn’t happen…

A cold beer and the crispy crunchy bread meating the delicious chorizo ..


Just the late night snack you need …trust me.. I am NOT a doctor…




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16 replies

  1. Sounds like the perfect pairing to me!


  2. Yay! mr Fitz if you were a girl you could be one of that sainted and elite team the Chorizo Sisters. I’m almost tempted to confer you with Honorary Membership 🙂


  3. Oh man…this looks so delicious. Yeah… you should be a doctor and prescribe this every night. I’d come down with whatever ailment necessary for that prescription! Once again…awesome post Mr Fitz! ❤


  4. I’m there… With a belly full of beer!!



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