Best steak supper! EE Lee& Sons steak

There is a particular cut if beef that I just love.. Go slightly potty for actually!

I think it’s because it’s scarce . Just one strip of this on each beast.. It’s hard off me to locate.. Yet thanks to my wonderful pals at ee lee and sons butchers in earls barton I get it occasionally ..

What is this cut of loveliness?

It’s a fair way away from us.. Yet I had another pal call me and say he was passing through the village. Perfect !

And the good chaps in the butchers had a piece ready for me! Hurrah!!!

Some call it onglet, some hanger steak, some butchers cut.. I call it perfect..

It needs some trimming up.. Removing fat and sinewy stuff.. yet I have always liked to play with my food !

So trimmed up.. The last of a jar of sundries mezze added for marination..

It’s ready to be cooked in a searingly hot pan.. Real quick.. I go for like a minute and a half a side . That’s it!

To go with this delight?

Baked spuds .. With a hole carved out and garlic butter spooned in. Tarted up with extra thyme ..

Plus crushed Cyprus spuds.. With a bag of chopped pea shoot salad.. the last of a bottle of Italian balsamic dressing poured over.. Delicious way of eating your greens this! (Although must admit it’s better with new potatoes )…

That steak was delightful .. A little on the ‘un-cooked’ side for Mrs Fitz.. Just spot on perfect for me!!!

Looking forward to the next time I get this treat… Let me know lads! 20140728-110315-39795583.jpg








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