Pie and chips twice.. Please..

Pie.. Mmmmmm.. Pie…

What is it about pie that gives you a hug? Well done who first thought of pastry meets scrumptious filling.. Jolly well done!

I had a couple of suitable entrants for the fillings.. One a beef kindabourguignon thing.. Heavy in double cream and serious taste.. Will post that later.. (It wasn’t destined for pie filling! It was destined to go with rice as another supper..)

And a chicken and mushroom number I made a while back..

Perfect partners to a pastry..

I decided to go for a rough puff pastry.. Never made it before .. It didn’t puff yet tasted great!

Simply a mix of plain flour and delicious French butter.. Rubbed together.. A splash of water.. Into a dough and chilled in the freezer.. I gotta say that my hands are smelling like the best buttery things in the world! I could eat them!! And so could the hounds…

Rolled pastry tried the folding over and rolling again.. Did that a couple of times and back to chill again.. It may have got too warm as it’s still a hot muggy evening..

Rolled again and popped on the top of the pies..

Into the oven not long as the filling is already cooked.. What is it about pie cooking in the oven that smells so great?

The chips are made from wonderful Cyprus potatoes, they really do make fantastic chips.. simply cut and sloshed in water with a splash of cider vinegar to remove some of the starch.. dried on a towel and fried in the wok in sunflower oil.. Drained on??? Yeah you guessed it.. Ikea brown paper..

And sweetcorn (the big jolly green guys if course!) pimped with butter , Bristol blend pepper and Mediterranean flower salt..

Great supper!!

Pie and chips.. Cool












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