Beef kinda bourguignon

I found this big lump of topside in one of the freezers.. It’s not my favourite roasting joint and I had forgotten to portion it onto more manageable lumps!

So a few things.. A chilli type affair.. That will have its outing tomorrow..cooked down low and slow..

And this .. A Mr Fitz take on the French classic of beef bourguignon ..

Dusted the chopped topside into seasoned cornflower.. Into the creseut to brown.. Shallots added .. Baby button mushrooms.. Garlic .. Secret seasonings.. Chopped woburn black bacon.. Veal jus.. Thyme and rosemary and a bag leaf… And double cream… Yeah.. Double cream… Cooked down till caramely and thicker.. Umami paste added for that extra special something ..

Oooh this is indeed a winner! (It was used already in the pie yesterday..)

Yet tonight it’s eaten with a great couple of baked potatoes.. Oiled and dusted with fine sea salt.. Baked till crisp yet fluffy inners..

After watching the cricket on our village cricket field ..

It’s Valium inducing !!

Nite nite 20140729-224731-82051055.jpg







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  1. I have never seen a bottle of umami, must look that up but my guess is it nicely flavors anything it’s added to. Your bourguignon would definitely hit the spot, Double cream really? Wow almost strogananoffish but not really. It really does sound very tasty indeed.


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