Supasweet onion bhajis/pakora/fritters

Whatever you like to call the delicious fried vegetarian snack that is onions , herbs and spices in a seasoned gram flour batter..

You have to admit they are great!

These were made using that supasweet onion you can get more easily now.. Much milder in flavour I am sure they have them for ages on the other side of the pond and that they begin with a ‘V’?

A mix with a nod to the closer east here.. Gram flour, garam masala, mango powder , ghormet sabzi from iran, Himalayan rock salt, anjwani seeds.. Dried chilli flakes and some good twists of Bristol blend pepper ..

Mixed with water to make the batter..

Left to sit a while.. The chopped onion mixed into the batter and fried in the wok in sunflower oil..

Am thinking that these would have made great onion rings… Hmmm ..

Thing is though I was making these as a take-along snack for the local cricket match..

Played on our green it was randoms.. (people that should know better!) from the pub versus people from the actual team that plays there..

Didn’t get to see it all as needed to get back for supper.. Yet the pub people were holding their own! And this little snack I made went down well with the small crowd that was watching..

Very nice..20140730-093935-34775224.jpg







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