Mid week roast beef with trimmings !

That piece of topside has served well..

Three dinners .. !!

This outing was a mid week roast ..

Roast beef … Yeah… Mmmm… Yeah

Mid week as well!! YEAH!!

Now topside is not favourite roast.. Yet it works.. I think when served pretty rare.. We are outta horseradish that was disappointing!

To roast the beef:

This is about a kilo .. So onion carrot and garlic into the pan.. Beef on top.. Olive oiled and seasoned.. Herbed too.

Into the oven at 200degrees (real money!)

For fifty minutes..

Spuds par boiled.. Into olive oil as am all out of Mrs Middletons .. And into a pan under the other pan..

Amazingly easy… The beef taken out and wrapped up snug in foil.. That rested for an hour and was still hot!

A gravy of the pan juices mixed with some veal jus and a splash of water ..

Yorkshire puddings made using a packet.. Cheating? Possibly.. Effective? Yup! Added an egg for extra richness..

A borrowed carrot and petit pois..

Extravagant to have a mid week roast? Perhaps.. Delicious?

Oooh yurrrr!







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