Spatchcock poussin & parsnip & chestnut & potato croquettes

‎Raiding the home stores again..

And today’s indiana Jones adventure has supplied a Spatchcock poussin.. some potato, parsnip and chestnut croquettes.. and some green beans..

Yet I guess you could have known that from reading the title right?? X

Yet did you notice those red tags? All super reduced store bought items.. with all the news about feeding families etc.. and every show on TV demonstrating how cheap things can be when you make them etc…

Well this my dear friends was food of kings for pennies… this is shopping for future.. it’s cool‎, my ‘trick’ is to make a mental note of the sell by date on the fresh produce you want.. then go back to the store at gone lunchtime on the given day.. hopefully your luck will be in and they would have reduced to clear your target.. simple hunting.. man versus ‘operations machines’.. it works best when you see lots of stock on the shelves to begin with.. or if they are trying out new lines..

‎Back to supper..

Lovingly poured Mrs Middleton’s pimped lebanese herb oil over the baby chuck..

Into a 175 oven for 45 minutes.. the croquettes joining this warm love-in for the last ‎16 minutes..

And they seemed to have got on famously..!

Boiled some skinny french green beans.. with some herbs de provence.. and a little butter.. served with beetroot and sour cream dip.. and a drop of piri piri dip.. usually reserved for wraps and chips.. yet perfect for this ensemble..

Also for Mrs Fitz.. baked potatoes.. cheese and a salad with the last of the groovy tomatoes.. all dressed in a real fine french salad couture number..‎x

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