Jack’s: The best lamb chops yet


‎I have cooked lamb chops many ways in the past and felt I needed to do something different.

I used the Internet for a different recipe and found this one in Allrecipes Uk site so decided to try it out.

As directed I minced up thyme, rosemary and basil from my garden tubs and rubbed the chops both sides and left them for about half an hour to marinade.

The frying pan was heated and chops were added for 4 mins each side. Removed and rested in foil and towel until the sauce was prepared.

This involved mincing an onion in my new food processor and frying them in the same frying pan until browned, then added a good measure of balsamic vinegar and double that quantity of chicken stock.

This was boiled until reduced by half and served with the lamb.

The chops were done a little too rare so had to grill Chris’s a bit more.

The sauce was to die for and will certainly do this again.

That herby crust was perfect.

You really need to try it. If you would like details of recipe let me know.

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