Spanish style tortilla omelette thingy – use up supper, Mrs Middleton’s oil

‎In the current trend of using up what we have around in the house and outbuildings, ‘found’ some charlotte potatoes bought Christmas eve with Father Fitz.. see that’s the good thing about buying reduced potatoes.. if they are decent potatoes.. and most are.. all they need is dark and cool.. and you can keep them for ages!!

Well worth purchasing..! There was a bag of midi ‘news’ also.. so they will join the wild salmon later for Mrs Fiz..‎ Fish Friday and all that! X

So having taken about half of the charlotte potatoes, good and waxy … peeled and sliced.. the last of the red onion.. sliced.. 4 cloves of Roscoff Garlic.. smashed.. some dried wild thyme from the summer.. ‎chilli salt, and covered and simmered in Mrs Middleton’s natural oil, till soft and giving..

H‎mmm.. ok in the spirit of my pal the Novice Gardener.. a foraging I will go.. looking in the garden.. avoiding the mad rosemary bush.. I have some sweet rocket leaves.. so a few of them.. and some flat leaf parsley that just seems to be hanging on!! Growing in a broken!

Also some frozen petit pois for colour and pop!

Now.. this is a problem.. with the eight eggs.. 2 burford browns‎ and 6 free range super numbers.. it’s a small bit tough to turn!!

So, wooden board on top.. turn over.. hope for not much sticking.. seemed to have made it!

Really must next time just make a smaller one!!

It was a lovely meat free supper.. served with a smear of red lanzarote mojo sauce..

Nice.. and enough left for a snackle for me later x

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