Last of the roast beef – ultimate leftover salad

‎Time to finish the roast beef.. made a lunch for Mrs Fitz..‎

With… (deep breath! x)

Mixed salad leaves, tossed in Italian dressing with a smidgen of black olives, groovy tomatoes.. so called as they have grooves in ’em! Turkish hot peppers, the kind you get with kebabs, yet smaller and more intense, chestnut mushrooms, fried in Mrs Middleton’s pimped garlic oil, heated strips of the last of the roast beefs.. fresh breadcrumbs lightly toasted with a mix of garlic shoots‎, red chilli, red onion finely diced, parsley and oregano.. toasted in Mrs Middleton’s pimped chilli oil.. the last of the homemade horseradish sauce.. and a drizzle of istu potsu ginger and chilli sauce..

OK! Breath again!!! Xx

Mrs Fitz seemed to like it anyways..

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