Bbq mix up meats

well the season seems to be starting.. The wonderful wisps of charring things..  My attorney has started grilling a day early this year according to his records.. That must be a reflection on the earths movements , weather change type things.. 

I have already had a few fires to play with .. This year it is all about burning woods over charcoal.. Yet .. When you still!!!  have an amount of heavy red ticket priced coal to use up .. What’s a guy to do huh?? (Filled the landy disco up with it in 2013! ).  

Still have some great tail fillet that needs eating, so what better than pinchos? I love pinchos! 


These are super smoky sweet paprikery.. And will be threaded onto bamboo skewers later.. Pinchos are super cool.. Little delightful bites of super soft and super tasty meats.. Right up my tapas street.

What else? Well am now thinking small bites.. So loin ribs.. Chopped and into the pressure cooker.. With orange juice , water, star anise and soy.. Fifteen minutes at full pressure.. And some of grandfathers bay.


  Once times is up its a simple thing of colliding some condiments together..


Perfect bbq sauce! Great things come in small bottles sometimes.. 


So that’s the main bit done.. All the prep prepped.. Cool!

Weber fired up.. Adding a piece of skirt steak, just rubbed in a little cumin and oil.. Two lamb chops, sprinkled with secret smuggled seasoning.. (Delicious!).. The pinchos and the ribs.. 


The burnt ‘continental’ onions are superb!! You just try them.. 

Doughball from that famous pizza place.. Think express ahem! 


And crunchy radishes, beautifully sweet baby tomatoes, and crunchy sweet yellow ticket carrots.  


And of course a dollop of happiness.. Chimchurri..  



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  1. Holy balls that is effing awesome. My kind of bbq for sure 🙂

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  2. What’s the “landy disco”?!!

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