Purple sweet potatoes & skirt steak 

quite a quick post this one. 

I saw these purple sweet potatoes on red ticket.. Had to try em.. 

With a great piece of skirt.. Dusted in secret Irish smuggled seasoning mix.. 


Cooked up a treat! 

One minute each side.. Searingly hot pan.. 


With the best watercress there is.. 


Stunning that John Hurds stuff .. Stunning! 

And the purple sweet potatoes.. Simply baked.. ( not convinced , not much taste..).. 


The chimchurri was the biz though!! 


Quick post as I said.. Don’t bother with those purple sweet potatoes .. 👎 




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14 replies

  1. Good to know the purple sweet potatoes are a bust.

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  2. Damn fine looking plate of food there. I love your chimmichurri addiction!

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