Good for your Heart pressure cooker Italian mutton stew with loads of veg and rosecoco beans, #speedysuppers

winter dishes abound.. And comfort food required to feed the soul and bellies.. 

And using something like mutton would normally require a huge amount of time to cook down.. 

Step up to the plate with the pressure cooker.. Pressure cooking.. Often seen as a dark art.. And particularly with those super scary ‘old fashioned’ numbers.. The ones where the whistley bit could spin and fly off showering the stove, kitchen and you with searingly hot substances!! Sheesh! 

Thank the gods ( and particularly #tefal ) for creating ones that feel a lot more ‘safe’.. 🙏

The pressure cooking method here saves hours.  and also saves a bunch of energy.. Yet how to make sure it doesn’t just develop the bland flavours like a slo cooker / crockpot sometimes does.. Sometimes..

Well start by defrosting freezer foraged mutton pieces.. 

Browning them briefly in uncle bens wok will help the flavours.. 

Sloshing the uncle bens wok post mutton browning in hot kettle reverse osmosis water will release any stuck on tasty bits.. That can be used to top up the pot for cooking.. 

Now for the veggies .. 

Swede, parsnip, celery, red potatoes, carrots and celery provide the winter selection.. 

A bay leaf or three.. That stock and locked up.. brought up to pressure on setting two.. then cooked for 20 minutes.. flame off and left to naturally release its steam.. 


It’s really surprising that in that relatively short period of time that everything is just cooked to that almost mush that you need!

Be delicate now.. 

It needs thickening and seasoning.. The thickening done by just breaking a few of those root veggies up into the sauce. and now add  good splash of @hendos Sheffield sauce ( it’s kinda like Worcestershire sauce yet sans anchovies).. A splosh of @kikkoman soy sauce.. And some gravy salt ( which is just salt and caramel!).. 

Add the rosecoco beans, they are excellent for reducing cholesterol .. Umm maybe not with the mutton perhaps.. Ah well.. Anyhoo..

And then add that wonderful indoor freezer staple of Italian mixed frozen bits.. Parsley, garlic, red onion and thyme and oregano. a great dash of two thumbs white pepper adds the bite.. 

Lastly a over the top sploshoshos of thin balsamic.. 

A good stir starts breaking it all up.. Don’t stir too much!

 Then decant into a Le creuset pot.. As those iron and double sprayed enamel pots really are something every home should own.. Sure they cost money.. Yet seriously.. My first one is now over twenty years old and going strong!

Why decant? 

It makes it cool down faster.. Therefore avoiding a pile of slop.. 


It’s also makes for better storage and heat retention! after all we all know that stewps of any sort taste better as they get their groove on!

The pressure cooking saves so much time and makes your kitchen and lobby smell fantastic! 

Served up with stale-ish torn ciabatta rewarmed and rubbed with tomatoes and a cut garlic.. drizzled with olive oil.. I am telling you it’s  winner .. 

(I swear to you it looked prettier .. Honest!)… 

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  1. Love thick stews like this, I need to pull out my pressure cooker…it still makes me nervous.

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