Samosa bites -vegan -vegetarian -ferreal…

with the countdown clock ticking to our upcoming Indian adventure, I decided we need to get our taste buds extra zingy.. 

What better than samosas? Who in the google gods world doesn’t dig a samosa? Right? 

So here goes.. 

The pastry first.. As this is such an important part! 

Plain flour with olive oil , ajwain seeds and Nigella seeds.. And a pinchette of salt


That gets rubbed together first.. This is a vital part! That rubbing so all the flour gets a little coating of oil is what is going to make the pastry crisp..  

Then add the lightest touch of water.. Just a smudge here and there.. To bring it into a ball that you can knead just a little to get those flour fairies going.. Wrap in plastic wrap and pop in the fridge.. Even left overnight it will be fine.. 

Now .. The filling.. 

First boil two potatoes skin on.. Very important as you want the inside flesh to stay quite dry.. 


Once cooked .. Skin them and PPP into a bowl with frozen peas, chopped coriander, salt, chilli pepper, garam masala, mustard seeds, fenugreek powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder, probably something else too..ahh yes! A pinch of sumac.. And the juice of a lemon.. (Because I couldn’t find the mango powder).,  

Split though the dough up..


I am going for small bites here.. (Largely due to my math.. I ended up with a few more than I thought, each ball makes two.. ).. My attorney will love that!

Still that’s cool.. 


Now .. Take in of the halves and bring one side into the middle .. Then using a little ‘glue’ made from simply water and flour.. Stick that seam together.. 

Then holding it like this.. 


Pop in the filling.. And wipe all around that open part with more of the glue.  


Keep repeating till all done! 

Ok.. Cling wrap yet not in the fridge.. I just put them in a cupboard .  

Then fry using Mrs middletons straight up oil.. In uncle bens wok.. 

 In batches.. 


And drain on ikea brown paper to ensure crispness! 


Eaten nice and hot.. Although no picture as we just enjoyed a few with a couple of drinks prior to supper.  

Kept some back for another go.. 

They were a little tangy.. Mrs Fitz reckoned a tincy too much lemon.. Probably right, with the sumac too! 

A definite contender though.. Perhaps I may try some bigger ones..will check on the math when I speak to my attorney later.. 



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5 replies

  1. The samosas look scrumptious.

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  2. Clever Mr. Fitz! Samosas are just such a great snack with chutney. Looking forward to your trip reports when in India. Namaste 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Impressive! Lucky you going on an Indian adventure.


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