Making red ticket free range jerk & apple sausages

Been a while since I made some sausages.. Dunno why.. It chills me right out.. Strange yet true!

And with this great piece of red ticket free range antibiotic free piece of shoulder it just cries ‘sausages!’..


Minced twice and a little extra pig day added..


The skins I picked up from my butchers , fresh these ones! Still need rinsing though..

Have gone all meat.. Perhaps a little too far as they are heavy eating indeed!

The jerk ones made using a great jerk paste..


It’s smelling superb! A splash of white wine to create the bang ! No liquid in a sausage means no bang in the banger .. Really think I needed some other binder yet none to hand..

The second type will be apple sauce bangers. Simple.. Just a jar of Bramley apple sauce.. A splash of balsamic just takes some of the sweetness out..


Sausage making is one of those things that if you get into it it is pretty darn satisfying.. And you get to play all you like!

Run through the sausage machine.. No pics as hands pretty messy.. 👐

And twisted up into the lovely links..

Hung off the kitchen cupboards .. The best place to do it if you are a home maker! ( Mrs Fitz gets a little frazzy about this!).. Best done when you are alone.. Ahem..




They cooked up a treat ! Without the extra binder they were seriously heavy duty.. Best given away for favours..



So all of them made it into the homes of the pub regulars..

No worries .. The taste? Apple sauce ones ok, needed more spice and a binder. The jerk? Hot hot hot!! Would be perfect for a boozy bbq..

Roll on summer!

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16 replies

  1. I feel a bit frazzled for Mrs Fitz!! I know you do a good sausage but…

    Perhaps think about building a little hound proof, shed type thing outside…for the hangings and so on!!

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  2. That’s awesome mr. Fitz! Thanks for sharing with the FF folks!


  3. I know that these are so delicious, Mr. Fitz!! 😀

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  4. You’d make a great interior designer – your kitchen decorations are absolutely stunning!

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  5. I like the way that you hung your sausages. .. though I showed my wife and she had to agree with Mrs Fitz! Great idea though, I had never thought of using Jerk seasoning in sausages!

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    • Works really well the jerk.. Think I might get called that though when Mrs Fitz sees the posts..!! Just make sure the kitchen ain’t too warm.. I have no heating in the kitchen just the two ovens and the six flame hob keeps things cold

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  6. I wanna come and live in your house.

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