Pani poori / Gol Gappa vegan Sunday lunch

Made pani poori .. Since having them in Ajman, Mrs Fitz has been mentioning them often.. So it’s about time to get the game face on!

Having assembled the ingredients we really are lucky to have the diversity of ethnicity in the stores near us..

A Twitter DM to my chef pal at @iyerscafe in cork ,eire was required just to check on a couple of the more detailed bits.. Well which masala to use in the spuds to be fair!


( that’s a photo from the last visit)

So here we go..


A can of chole will be god here and I gotta say that it’s very good!

The potato bit was Maris pipers boiled and baby white onions, root ginger and French garlic and red and green chilli’s added .. As well as garam masala. The chaat masala I have currently is fruit chaat so wasn’t too sure.. Also couldn’t find the pomegranate powder which was a shame.. Still tastes great!



Great colours!

All assembled by taping a hole in the top .. A little spoonful of the potato mix, adding the chole and some sev ontop ( that’s like little crunchy bits from Bombay mix)..

The pani puri water whisked up as per the packet instructions.. The boondi added ( that’s like little balls of crunchy goodness..)..


And little mouthfuls of stunningness..


Oh.. And that was out vegan Sunday lunch., don’t faint… Hehehhehe

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4 replies

  1. Now, thats my kind of Sunday lunch, who needs meat 😀


  2. Hells yeah. Never seen these puppies before but now I’m keen…


  3. Looks good although I have no idea what ingredients you were talking abooot
    Your Kings English accent was too thick for me today. 🙂

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