Mushroom & potato pakoras/bhajis


Two days on the bounce for a vegan supper! What’s going on? (My blogger pal Elaine would be very happy!)..

Delicious though.. Mrs Fitz asked for mushroom pakoras so that’s what she gets..

The batter is a gram flour and spice number.. Just mixed with water.. Umm ok.. This one came out of a box.. A good box though from the shan family.. I do like my adopted shan family it was in the cupboard and am out of gram flour at the moment.. Trying not to buy too much larder stuff right now as need to have a clear down..


A good shake of porcini powder too although I really think next pay check I should treat meself to a dehydrator..

Small potato slices fine and quartered .. Added to the mix..


Fried in Uncle Bens wok..


And served with sweet chilli sauce, tamarind sauce and hot and sweet spicy ketchup..

Gotta get the meat back on..


Have some pork on standby..


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  1. Oh! These look yum! Never tried mushrooms as pakoras! May be it’s time 😃Thanks for sharing!

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