Tempura chicken and spuds

am really on frying things right now! Dunno why.. Yet hey! Let’s keep the party going right? 

This chicken was of royal standards , the highest welfare and food.. Perhaps even the odd foot spa after a hard day scratching about .. 

Any hoo it was annointed with a thai marinade from this packet.. 


It’s basically sugar salt and spices , yet mixed up with water and the chopped and skinned chicken bathed in it for a day or two.. 

Then the tempura batter.. Always from a packet, just make sure the water is real cold and that you have the oil heating as tempura batter don’t like hanging around .. 


Fried off in Uncle Bens wok.. I gave a feeling that s new wok maybe in order as either it it ne is getting a little wobbly in old age! 


This happens pretty fast.. And fine right you can lift them out with no oil dripping at all. Keeping the chicken so juicy tender.. 


Three condiments, tamarind sauce, sweet chilli sauce and some peri peri Nandos medium.. All equals YUM!

To go with? 

Simple boiled spudulas with butter and Mrs Middletons pimped roscoff garlic oil.. Some Rosemary safe and thyme , thumbs up thai pepper and Himalayan pink salt..


A delightful supper indeed.. That tempura chicken really is delicious! 

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  1. As ways looks yum, can’t wait fir ye to cone to mine Sunday. Will go to English market in morning

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