Pork schnitzel for walking & chicharonne / pork cracklings/ scratchings

my pal Irish pal Eddie often tells me that in Poland no sane kid goes on a school trip without a cold schnitzel sanger .. 

I understand that .. Yet with a vegan mom that never happened to me as a child.. Ah well.. Let’s make up for it huh? 

With a great yellow ticket loin of pork then chopped into rounds.. This dish really does cost pennies.. 


Beaten to a thin cutlet/escalope? With the meat hammer.. You gotta love a meat hammer.. 

Into egg wash and a mix of home breadcrumbs , those wonderful paxo orange ones and some panko .. ( father used to fry plaice in the Orange crumbs. It was the business!! ) .. 


Fried in good ol’ uncle bens wok.. 


Till crispy and Goldeny .. Porky fried goodness .. 


These really are best served cold .. Like revenge.. ✊ hehheh

Oh.. And while the oil is hot.. Let’s get some cracklings/chicharones on .. 

The skin been drying out in the fridge for a couple of days.. 


Keep your eyes on these though .. It can go horribly wrong really quickly! 

Take em out and leave them.. Do not try to eat them straight away, as much as the urge may take you.. Trust me.. Seriously !! 💥

They will continue to pop and crackle away.. While hot dust them up.. Vegemare salt , thumbs up thai white pepper and some of that wicked smuggled mexican chilli and lime powder.. 


These will be taken with us for the hound walk around the lakes .. They went down a treat! The pals we met taking em home too.. 

Happy easter.. Or should that be eater!

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  1. Happy eater indeed my friend 😜


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