Nordwijck Holland

Having ever been to this part of holland was very interested to take a looksie at this pretty cool coastal village? Town? City? Not sure about that!

Am lucky enough to be staying at the hotel huis ter duin.. A pretty iconic place by all accounts . And the beach despite the crazy wind and great weather really is good looking.. Check this view minus the scaffolding from my room..


Ok maybe abetter shot would ‘sell’ it more .. Yet aint got one!

This is also where the Dutch football team stay .. It’s like their second home I was told..


And also a sneaky selfie of the Manchester United manager..


Yet this is supposed to be about the food. .. So let’s hit the play button!!

These bitterballen are the business !


What a brilliant snackarooney .. Perfect with a beer.. Or two.. Ahem

They are veal cooked up in broth with fine fine veggies and rolled in egg and breadcrumbs and deep fried.. Sometimes a somewhat dubious affair yet these were stunning! Dipped in mustard..


Mind your mouth as they are molten hot inside! I was taught the way of the bitterballen by my new pal Coen.. Break them and let them cool a little first. Simple when you think about it huh!!?

They are definitely getting made at home.. Definitely..

So pre dinner drinks sorted off to dinner at the brassiere..


A fantastic rose wine and a pretty decent menu despite something’s getting lost in translation !



Am still fascinated by the candied peel of veal.. Hmmmm

Anyhoo my dining companions had a good looking starter of oysters .. Don’t do them meself yet was told they were very nice.


I asked for a green salad.. Just green.. Umm I got red leaves also.. Humph..


Now as you may recall its been a bit steak heavy .. So needed a switch. What better than boneless veal ribs?

Very cool indeed!


They were delicious!! My pal (in the pic there).. Took the bavette.. I wondered what happened to the rest of it. It sure was skimpy..

Mine though although there were hidden green beans in between the layers was softy tasty lishoousness 👏

Skipped dessert..

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  1. You do get around! That must be some view when the scaffolding is down. Those veal balls look fab and I do rather love that sneaky pic of the footie manager!! Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday!


  2. Very nice as per usual Mr Fitz. Those little crumbed balls of goodness will get made here too 😍

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  3. Mr Fitz – what are you doing in the Huis ter Duin – sorry none of my business of course – but googled it and it’s a really big hotel – guess means House on the Dune AND it looks like it is at the end of the world that might be because I am watching interstellar though……and so that’s my current association. Food looks good – have fun at the end of the world 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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