The third united steak

The third United steak .. I did tell ya there was three .. So we have had a soft buttery sirloin, the very rare hanger flap.. What next?

A big bavette .. Possible tail skirt if that makes it easier to swallow..


More than enough for me and MrsFitz to wrestle with.. Cut and cooked off in the iron pan for two minutes a side..



You really cannot mess about with this cut.. Overlooking will be disastrous.. Dont worry it wont be ‘bloody’ this way at all.. And if you like it like that don’t do it longer than a minute each side..

Ok that’s the third steak.. Yet what to go with it?

Those delicious scottish spuds have already had two outings in their guise as buttered and boiled.. It just has to be hasslebacks ..

Hasslebacks.. The king of oven potatoes in my book .. That crossover hybrid of a baked meets roast potato.. Magic indeed.. Alchemy..

As ever cut through the potato in slices popping a spoon under them to ensure you don’t cut all the way through.chopstix can be used here to protect your knife blade although a little care should suffice..


Once sliced carefully fan them open a little bit.. Very gently! Then anoint with Mrs Middletons pimped lebanese herb oil.. A true stunner that one.. Or brush with a melted butter and oil mix.. Or dip them in melted pig or beef drippings.. Even lard.. Or a nice olive or walnut oil.. You get the point though right?


Into an oven at 180 for about forty minutes.. After twenty or so take them out and spoon the oil back over them as the slices would have opened up some more..


Popping in a couple of slices of middle bacon to crisp up for part of the topping .

Which in this steak out is sour cream with garden snipped chives, that bacon crumbled over and a little twist of bristol blend pepper.. Yeah!

Buttered peas are tonites house special in the veg world.



And of course the last of the Chimchurri !!

That’s it! The last of the steaks…

For now.. Ahem.., 🎪

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  1. Mmm, I like a good Bavette when cooked properly, best with shallots or blue cheese. Love the potatoes. Nicole


  2. That steak looks wonderful but is very difficult to find. I made your potatoes the other night, they were a big hit.

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