Steak two .. Mr Fitz united steaks

Steak two.. 👏🐂🎬

Steak two is hanger flap.. A very rare cut to get ahold of.. Unless of course you know a guy.. Ahem.. 🚜 Cut from a thirty day hung lovely best.. It’s folks would have been proud..

Chimchurri and those lovely potatoes still left over.. Yet this time adding just another thing..


A rub type of affair with dried cumin powder ( would you have wet powder? Dunno!..) as a nod to my attorney who just loves cumin.. Some smuggles back chilli and lime Mexico City powder.. Some lovely fruity spanish olive oil .. It’s so delicious I tell ta!


Cooked off



A little butter to assist of course..

The veg was broccoli.. Knobbly nuts trimmed off ..


Into hot water .. The sauce pot works well for this..


Then dry fried prior to that steak going in.. Tell me one thing though please? Why does broccoli go cold so bleedin quick? It’s one of those unanswered miss Terry’s ..


Plated up and enjoyed immensely ..



Cream donuts and tea..



Mr Wentworth thought so too..


Just one more steak to go..we can do this.. C’MON!!! ( those bits in the background ? Pigs cheeks and OX cheeks ….).. Defrosting..

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