The United steaks of Mr Fitz

I am on a steak out..

Putting a steak in the ground for umm I dunno..

Ok none of the above really works..

What does work is three days of steak eating.. And that’s what has happened..

Visiting the butcher produced some great pieces.. An amazing sirloin (featured in this post), from a local English bullock, a strip of hanger flap steak.. And a good ol’ piece of skirt..

That equals.. Hmm let me see now.. Hmm ahh hmm yup!! Lotsa steak..

So steak one.. The sirloin.. A buttery tender chap this.. No marbling etc. Yet seriously what a fine piece of beast..


Simply cooked..

Served with lovely scottish potatoes, simply boiled and buttered, fresh garlic chives, wild thyme , thai this up pepper and English sea salt. Proper earthy tasting spuds.. And of course on a yellow ticket.. 29 whole English pennies for a big bag of em..

A salad of peas shoots and sweet lettuce , baby tomatoes and cress.. I do t think we eat enough cress .. Cress is cool..


Cress really adds something to the salad.. Like Alfalfa used too! Only better..

What sauce?

A Chimchurri of course! Fresh parsley, French garlic, dried oregano , a squiggle of pimped Mrs Middletons Roscoff garlic oil, some English sea salt, organic red wine vinegar , fresh chopped yellow ticket chilli’s, some smuggled back from Chicago onion powder ( almost out of that now!).. A squish of lime juice and some soft brown sugar ..



All served up and thoroughly enjoyed! And enough spuds left for tomorrow’s steak out ..


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  1. Au contraire Mr Fitz, I loved the titles! And I still love alfalfa too…

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