Franks red hot roasted sprouts

a quick post here of something we are getting more into recently.  And as we are now having morning frosts it means that the sprouts are getting the sweetness that you can only get when the cold snap happens.. 

Mrs Fitz kindly peeled off the not so nice outer leaves.. 


Chopped and tossed in a wincy bit of Greek organic olive oil.  Some Worcestershire sauce and some Japanese soy.  Roasted off.. 

And then great finely chopped cooked smoked bacon trimmings.. 


Added to the roasted sprouts.. 

 (You want them slightly charred!).. 

And the doused in franks red hot sauce.. 


No way you cannot not like these!  

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  1. Will have to try these! Make artery clogging buffalo chicken dip with Frank’s Red Hot for my college sons. Disgusting but so good! Recipe on their site.

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