Pork schitznel time

So what’s the story with the ‘headline’ picture? Well it’s my pals money tree and I have never seen one flower like this .. Anyone else? 

i LOVE pork schitznel .. Like seriously love them.. Actually proffering them cold as a snack.. And I haven’t made them for ages.. 

I got hooked up with a great piece of prince Charles’s pork fillet.. At a giveaway price.. 


Beaten out then dusted up with.. 

White pepper, fennel seed, thyme, salt, onion powder and hmmm other things too.. (Possibly).. 😉

Just one side is perfect for this.. 

Then a great burford buff egg.. Whooped up .. And into those great bright orange crumbs.. ( used to do that with Father a s a child with bits of plaice ..) ( yeah I ate fish then..).. (Before I knew how they were brutally killed!).. 

And fried off in straight up Mrs middletons..  In the uncle bens wok of course!


Drained on ikea brown paper..  Which is THE best draining paper in the world!! I swear it.. 

There were more.. They got ate.. and these ones.. Got eaten fridge cold.  One as a ‘nigella’ moment in the night when I woke for a moment.. 

The rest ? Just snacking ..  

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  1. Schnitzel is one of my favorites too! Looks like I’ll have to make this for dinner this week!!

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