English Wagyu x Longhorn steaks with smashed spuds and home smoked salt

Whats the story with Wagyu huh? 

Why are there mystical legends about this beef? 

All this talk of massages, drinking beers.. Watching late night telly.. Well it’s all balls.. Sorry.. 

It comes down to excellent breeding  of an excellent beast.. That’s it really! 

Well I’m a lucky chap.. I have eaten first class Wagyu prior to this.. Absolute first class.. 

This is ok.  Hmm no better than ok.. 

It came via a good friend , it’s English yet has been certified to the highest level, the cross with the longhorn really works.. I love those cows anyways! 

Th came frozen so got defrosted on the defrost plate.. Flat iron for me., 

Sirloin for Mrs Fitz.. 

Let’s talk potatoes.. 

I recall these great smashed/cracked baby potatoes that my attorney made a few years back.. A quick call to him established that neither of us could remember the how.. Yet we both decided that smacking them with a meat hammer.. 


And tossing them in straight up Mrs middletons oil , French garlic, and fresh cut garden Rosemary.. 

And into the oven pretty hot for around thirty minutes..

Smoked some Maldon salt with mesquite chips.. 

Using the smoking gun.. It’s cool.. 

Salt sprinkled on.. The steaks , The steak cooked fast and hard.. 


Am going really pink.. 

Served up some of those roasted red sprouts.. 


So the hype with the Wagyu.,? Yeah this is good stuff.. Now .. Perhaps a few beers a massage and some late night telly? 


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5 replies

  1. This looks so delicious, I wish I was having this for my dinner! Yummy that looks like a dam good piece of meat 🙂

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  2. I’ve never had wagyu. But, it sounds like something I’ll definitely have to try. This whole meal sounds great to me. It’s been to long since I’ve had a good steak and potato meal. Thanks for sharing it at Fiesta Friday!

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  3. I’m going to ask my BIL. He works for a company that dabbles in wagyu. I don’t recall he mentioned late night telly. But then we don’t ever say telly 😀

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