Roasted red Brussels 

we still haven’t had a frost.. Not a proper one.. That makes me wary of eating Brussels.. They really do need the frost to sharpen and sweeten them.. 

Still these were red ones on the stalk.. Nice yet again I do think they need the frost.. 

So what to do? Well after first eating them roasted cold in New York from a deli ( they were great!).. Let’s pimp it up a bit.. Well quite a bit!

(This would make a great Christmas dish too!). 

Pluck them off the stalk.. 

Into a pan with a drizzle of Mrs middletons straight up oil.. And various seasonings.. Dried herbs, salt and lemon juice.. ( fill in the blanks for your favourite herbs).. 

Dont omit the asofetida though! 


Don’t they look pretty huh? 

And roast them off.. In a hit oven shaking once .. Till the skins are crispy.. ( that’s the key here..)

Then adding sweet ketjap manis.. That stuff rocks here!


And shake them up! 

 Sweet sticky herby .. Tasty as feck!


Great warm.. Actually even better at room temperature .  

There you go.. A great side .. Or to be fair.. A great drinks snack! Vegan to boot!

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11 replies

  1. Love ketjap manis! You should try it on eggs! These sprouts are pretty. I’ve seen them in seed catalogs but not in the markets yet.

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  2. I’ve never seen purple sprouts! Fabulous recipe.

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  3. Wow, what an awesome dish, Mr.Fitz! I love the idea of the ketchup manis!! I am going to try your recipe for sure!! 🙂

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  4. Love these red Brussels! Haven’t seen them here yet.

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  5. I’ve never seen red sprouts before, good holiday color. Roast sprouts are a favorite side or bar snack. I love the charred leaves on the outside. Yum!

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